We give you the opportunity to have a serene and unique wedding ceremony or renewal of your vows in Switzerland with our stunning Elopement Packages!

What does "Elopement" nowadays mean; boils down a wedding back to what truly matters, just the two of you:

A light mountain breeze, 1'600 meters above sea-level at the stunning Oeschenensee

Eloping - should you or shouldn't you? Advice from us: "If it feels right for you, do it. It’s your life. We can be so tied to traditions - and there's nothing wrong with that - but it’s just not for everyone. It's your big day, it’s so important to do what works for you." And if the mere thought of wedding planning, the high costs of the affair, or walking down the aisle in front of many eyes is enough to make you shudder, then the intimacy of an elopement is probably the best choice. Eloping is a new chic way for couples to express themselves. It’s more romantic, cheaper, less stressful and you can exchange your vows anywhere in the world!

Is an elopement ceremony right for us?

  • • An elopement ceremony is for those who wish to have a small, very personal and romantic moment with either nobody or just a few loved ones around.

  • Do you seek an intimate time to share intensely romantic vows, whether you are saying them for the first time or renewing them?

  • Do you want a stress free and easy way to celebrate and unite the love you have for each other?

  • Do you wish to travel to your dream destination and elope in an environment that is so serene and special to you and your significant other?

Whichever destination you choose, your elopement ceremony will be a special, beautiful and unforgettable moment between you and your beloved one.

After the elopement ceremony, you can continue your celebration in various ways. I have seen some couples organizing candlelit picnic dinners whilst sitting on a blanket at the top of a mountain.

Others have rented a cottage and spent the weekend together.

Whether you have a small group of friends, family or prefer to be just the two of you, there are endless possibilities to keep your celebration going after your symbolic ceremony.

“We believe that the mystical and magic Mountain backdrops of Switzerland are the perfect scenery for your forever yes”

Whatever you choose for exchanging your vows, just the two of you next to a waterfall or bringing your closest friends and family to take a cable car or gondola up a mountain for to celebrate your getting married - we are here to support you from A to Z!

We offer you special elopement packages if you decide to come to Switzerland! We're your personal travel planner, designer, coordinator and stylists - we help you with everything! We create a timeless table setting and an unforgettable ceremony just with the two of you or with your dearest friends and family!

We're born and raised in Switzerland, we know plenty secret places and exceptional getaways in our country.

Find some of the most beautiful mountain destination weddings we've organized in the past :



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